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Are your truck caps/tonneau covers available in my truck’s color?

We paint our products to match the paint code of your vehicle as specified by the truck manufacturer. Read this article supplied by the TCAA (Truck Cap & Accessory Association) to learn more about the color matching process:

The task of matching the paint color of truck accessories with a vehicles color is becoming increasingly complex. The properties of paints in the aftermarket can vary greatly from the properties of paint for vehicle manufacturers (OEMs). Understanding these differences is a complicated task. The Truck Cap Accessory Association (TCAA), with the assistance of vehicle paint manufacturers, present this information in an effort to create a better understanding between the consumer and the retailer of truck accessories by providing the reasons an exact color match is extremely difficult.

  • Truck manufacturers use different paint suppliers
  • Paint technologies can change at each plant on the same type vehicle.
  • Different application equipment, like “mini bells”, “robotics”, “electrostatic”, and “conventional” all apply paint differently, changing color and metallic appearance, a change in the same batch can even occur because of “metal flake shearing”, due to constant mixing.
  • A variation of film builds on the same colors over different primer colors can change the final cover.
  • Temperature, humidity, differences in line speed, and piping distances can all cause a variation in color.
  • The TCAA, Vehicle Manufacturers, and Paint Suppliers are constantly working together to supply information that will improve the color match process.
  • Vehicle color designers work closely with paint suppliers to carefully select a specific achievable palette of colors.
  • The possibility of obtaining a better color match can improve when a paint supplier provides color swatches to the vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket industry showing variations in a vehicles color code.

· The goal is to supply the consumer with the closest possible color match.